Shoes with Jeans-18 Best Shoes that go with Jeans Outfits

What Shoes to Wear Jeans. Jeans are like the staple outfit that every girl likes to fall back to. They’re the ultimate comfort zone and have so much nostalgic value as we all probably have jeans with us that we grew up in.

You can wear jeans to a party or even a club and then wear the same jeans for a casual weekend look. Dressing up and dressing down jeans is always fun but it’s confusing to decide the right type of shoes because there are just too many types of shoes and too many types of jeans and they don’t always go well together. For instance, boot cut jeans with flip-flops are a definite no-no. So here’s the single guide that you will need to decide the best shoe types for every type of jeans.

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Shoes that go with Jeans


#18 – Casual Daywear – Skinny Jeans and Pumps

shoes to wear with jeans (1)

#17 – Footwear with Skinny Jeans

Going for your morning coffee or brunch? You definitely don’t want to look over dressed so skinny jeans and sandals are the most convenient options for a gorgeous diva look.

shoes to wear with jeans (2)

#16 – Shoes with Pink Jeans

Coloured jeans can give you something different to wear while staying in your comfort zone and every girl looks amazing in pink color so why not give them a try. Wear pink jeans with nude pumps or shoes in a color that’s atleast one tone lighter than your jeans.

shoes to wear with jeans (3)

#15 – Shoes with White Denim Jeans

White jeans are a must have for every girl as you can wear them with almost any type of top. Here are the shoes which look awesome with white jeans.

shoes to wear with jeans (4)

#14 – Shoes with Red Jeans

shoes to wear with jeans (5)

#13 – Printed Jeans in Spring

Springs are the perfect time to wear printed and floral jeans, here are a few shoe styles that look awesome with these jeans.

shoes to wear with jeans (6)

#12 – Too Cool for School

Oxford shoes and jeans are what all school and college girls need to get this year for sure.

shoes to wear with jeans (7)

#11 – Jeans with Loafers for Fall

Here’s the Fall look that we are totally crushing on. Straight cut/cropped jeans with loafers!

shoes to wear with jeans (8)

#10 – Party Girl Jeans

Wear ripped or straight cut jeans with heels and a sparkly sequin top for a hot party emsemble.
shoes to wear with jeans (9)

#9 – The Club Look

Who says one can’t look hot in jeans. Wear them with a crop top, heels and some cool accessories for a night out at the club. Gladiator heels would of course get you plus points.

shoes to wear with jeans (10)

#8 – High Waisted Jeans and Knee Boots

There’s a myth that high waisted jeans should only be worn in Summers. We say, break the rules and wear them with a sexy pair of over the knee boots for a killer swag look.

shoes to wear with jeans (11)

#7 – Jeans and Shoes for Short Girl

If you’re looking for a combination that will help add height to your figure, wear flared jeans with platform heels as they will help make your legs appear to wear with jeans (12)

#6 – Jeans Outfits and Shoes for Weddings

Who doesn’t wish they could just attend a wedding in their favorite jeans! While wearing jeans to weddings surely isn’t a preference, but if you really want to give it a try, wear your jeans with an embellished top and stilettos for a wedding-ish look.

shoes to wear with jeans (13)

#5 – Boho Jeans Outfits and Sandals

Wear distressed jeans with a boho blouse and sandals (preferably strappy sandals) for a chic bohemian attire.

shoes to wear with jeans (14)

#4 – Shoes with Jeans for Work

Here are some cute professional outfits, both flat and heeled pumps are excellent choices to wear with jeans for a work appropriate look.

shoes to wear with jeans (15)

#3 – Cropped Jeans with Ankle Boots

This is more of a Winterish look but also something that’s great for travelling. Cropped jeans and ankle boots just go hand in hand.

shoes to wear with jeans (16)

#2 – Celebrities and Boot-Cut Jeans

For today’s celebrity style we have Jennifer Anniston, Taylor Swift and Jessica Alba, all in three very different looks with boot-cut jeans. Jennifer’s casual look is what you need for a romantic walk in the park with your partner: Boot cut jeans with low heel pumps. Next is Taylor’s extremely cute and sporty look: Boot cut jeans with sneakers. This is something that’s ideal for outdoor adventures such as hiking in both Summers and Winters.

Lat but not the least, is the gorgeous Jessica Alba in more of a work appropriate look: Boot cut jeans with wedges. Do tell us which one of these is your favorite look!

shoes to wear with jeans (17)

#1 – Boyfriend Jeans with Sneakers

Boyfriend jeans are ruling the street style scene right now. They’re the perfect combination of cute and sporty and hence are the perfect day-wear. Here are some amazing ways to wear boyfriend jeans with sneakers.

shoes to wear with jeans (18)

best shoes with women jeans

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